Fellow, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Stephen Milton, 12/16/16

Honorary Member of the American Meterological Society
Tom Vonder Haar, 10/21/16

Colorado Space Heroes Hall of Fame
Ron Sega, 9/7/16

College of Fellows, Public Relations Society of America
Jangyul Kim, 8/22/16

Norman Medal, American Society of Civil Engineers

Jose Salas, 7/1/16

Fellow, Gerontological Society of America
Christine Fruhauf, 6/13/16

DOE Early Career Award
Amber Krummel, 5/25/16

Fellow, Gerontological Society of America
Silvia Canetto, 5/16/16

Meritorious Achievement Award, American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists
Stephen Reynolds, 5/10/16

DOE Early Career Award
Jamie Nelson, 5/4/16

American Academy of Arts and Sciences Member
Temple Grandin, 4/20/16

University Distinguished Teaching Scholar
Branislav Notaros, 4/19/16

Scholarship Impact Award
LeRoy Poff, 4/19/16

Board of Governors Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award
Lori Peek, 4/19/16

Monfort Professor
Sudeep Pasricha & Shrideep Pallickara, 4/19/16

Oliver P. Pennock Distinguished Service Award
Christopher Melby, Catherine Kennedy, Irene Vernon, Laurie Stargell, 4/19/16

Jack E. Cermak Advising Award
Anne Van Arsdall, Leslee Becker, Nancy Levinger, Brett Bruyere, 4/19/16

Interdisciplinary Scholarship Award
Maria Fernandez-Jiminez, Linda Stanley, Randall Swaim, Kathleen Kelly, Jennifer DeLuca, 4/19/16

Instructional Innovation in Service-Learning Award
Elizabeth Sink, 4/19/16

Spirit of Philanthropy Award
William Wailes Jr, 4/19/16

Provost’s N. Preston Davis Award for Instructional Innovation
Aaron Sholders, 4/19/16

SHAPE America’s LeRoy T. Walker Young Professional Award
Albert Bimper, 4/1/16

CSU Founders Day Medal
Stephen Withrow, 3/15/16

American Chemical Society Award for Creative Work in Fluorine Chemistry
Steven Strauss, 3/11/16

American Academy of Health Behavior Fellow
Audrey Shillington, 3/9/16

Journal of Agromedicine Peer Reviewer of the Year
Lorann Stallones, 2/23/16

Animal Behavior Society’s 2016 Exemplar Award
Janice Moore, 2/17/16

American Society for Tropical Medicine & Hygiene’s Richard M. Taylor Award
Carol Blair, 1/12/16