Regular Members

Janice L. Nerger
Interim Provost;
Chair, Council of Deans

Alonso Aguirre
Dean, Warner College of Natural Resources

Sue Doe
Chair, Faculty Council

Karen Estlund
Dean, Libraries

Sonia Kreidenweis
Interim Dean, Graduate School and Interim Vice Provost for Graduate Affairs

David McLean
Dean, Walter Scott Jr. College of Engineering

James Pritchett
Dean, College of Agricultural Sciences

Simon Tavener
Interim Dean, College of Natural Sciences

Sue VandeWoude
Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences

Beth Walker
Dean, College of Business

Ben Withers
Dean, College of Liberal Arts

Lise Youngblade
Dean, College of Health and Human Sciences

Ex Officio Members

Jenelle Beavers
Vice President for Strategy

Brandon Bernier
Vice President for Information Technology

Greg Luft
Interim Vice President for Marketing and Communications

Kauline Cipriani
Vice President for Inclusive Excellence

Kathleen Fairfax
Vice Provost for International Programs

Robyn Fergus
Vice President for Human Resources

James Graham
Chair, Faculty Council Committee on Strategic & Financial Planning

Blanche Hughes
Vice President for Student Affairs

Sue James
Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs

Laura Jensen
Vice Provost for Planning and Effectiveness

Alan Rudolph
Vice President for Research

Steve Dandaneau
Associate Provost and Executive Director of the Association for Undergraduate Education at Research Universities