Policies, Guidelines & Faculty Resources for the 2021-2022 Academic Year

 Faculty & Administrative Professional Manual


Funding Agreement Form

CCAF/NTTF – Faculty Information & Resources

Codes – College and Department

Conflict of Interest 

Curriculum & Teaching Resources

Differential Tuition – Undergraduate

Discretionary Scholarships

Emeritus Request

Faculty Development

Faculty Evaluation

GTA-GSA Tuition Request Form

Graduate Differential Tuition Request Form

Graduate Differential Tuition Guidelines

Grievances, Mediation

Hiring of Faculty and Administrative Professionals
See Office of Equal Opportunity for additional Search and Hiring Procedures.

Honorary Degrees

Individual Salary Adjustments outside the Annual Merit Cycle

Leave Requests

See the Human Resources Manual for additional leave information.

Mentoring Faculty

New Degree Proposal Process

Offer Letter Templates

Posthumous Degrees

Promotion & Tenure

Reappointment of  Tenure Track Faculty (Prior to Receiving Tenure)

Relocating to Northern Colorado

Sabbatical Leaves

Space Use Committee Information and Forms

Special Course Fee Manual and Forms

Supplemental Pay Forms

Transitional Appointments

Visiting Associate Agreement