Opportunities: University Strategic Plan 2016-2018

By providing strategic directions for planning at Colorado State, the University Strategic Plan outlines the institution’s major priorities and the university-level outcomes against which our performance will be measured. The University’s three-year planning cycle is designed to assure wide-based campus input into institutional planning and priorities and to support budgeting that is tied to those strategic planning efforts in a transparent and coherent way. It includes a regular schedule for periodic updates of the strategic plan to reflect new priorities, new environments, new opportunities, and new ideas.

Colorado State University Strategic Plan 2016-2018

The Colorado State University Strategic Plan (2016-2018) is organized around five broad objectives:

  1. We will champion student success.
  2. We will make a global impact and translate discoveries into products of knowledge, creative artistry, and innovation.
  3. CSU will engage with people and communities to solve problems, share knowledge, and support progress.
  4. CSU will be a rewarding, inspiring, productive, and inclusive community for all employees – and enhance faculty as its foundation.
  5. CSU will be accountable, sustainable, and responsible.

Consistent with the university’s mission statement, these broad objectives reflect our heritage commitments to teaching and learning, research and discovery, and engagement and service. The fourth section addresses our responsibility to create a university community that effectively embodies all of our shared values.  Finally,  we are determined to developing financial and other resources that are critical to supporting CSU’s mission, in a transparent way consistent with a dedication to accountability.

In total, we have identified 11 specific goals related to these objectives and a number of strategies related to achievement of the goals. From this university-level outline, administrative divisions, colleges, departments and specialized units are encouraged to develop more detailed courses of action in unit plans that, collectively, will constitute the university’s strategic plan.