About the TCRT

While the Pandemic Preparedness Team (PPT) has led CSU’s public health response to COVID, several critical working groups including the Teaching Continuity & Recovery Team (TCRT) have been assisting in building comprehensive strategies to support our community. These working groups were appointed by President McConnell at the onset of the pandemic to protect institutional priorities. The TCRT has focused its work on protecting the integrity of CSU’s academic mission, mitigating teaching and learning impacts and identifying resource needs for faculty and students.

Spring 2022 Communications from the TCRT

March 2, 2022: Academic FAQs  (subject to updates)
January 28, 2022: Provost-Funded Teaching Support & Resources for Faculty

Spring 2022 Instructor & Department Support Initiative

Special Funding COVID Request Form with Instructions for Submitting

Contact Us

We would like to understand your instructional needs to develop response strategies to support faculty. Please email Provost_TCRT_Feedback@Mail.ColoState.edu to share your support needs for easing teaching impacts.

You also can share your ideas anonymously by filling out this online form: Anonymous feedback to the TCRT.

What we are looking for:
• Your tangible ideas for the best ways to ease COVID impacts this semester and alleviate pockets of stress for you and other instructors
• Your thoughts on where the greatest needs are for potential additional support from student hourly and graduate student employees this semester

Team Members

  • Ben Withers, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts; TCRT Chairperson
  • Jan Nerger, Dean of the College of Natural Sciences
  • Mary Stromberger, Vice Provost for Graduate Affairs; Dean of the CSU Graduate School
  • Beth Walker, Dean of the College of Business
  • Lise Youngblade, Dean of the College of Health and Human Sciences
  • Brandon Bernier, Vice President for Information Technology
  • Kristi Buffington, Space Allocation and Data Manager, Facilities Management
  • Steve Dandaneau, Associate Provost; Executive Director of the Association for Undergraduate Education at Research Universities (UERU)
  • Sue Doe, English Professor; Chairperson of Faculty Council; Director of the Center for the Study of Academic Labor
  • Jody Donovan, Dean of Students; Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Gwen Gorzelsky, Executive Director of The Institute for Learning and Teaching
  • Cheyenne Hall, Business Manager, Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President
  • Pam Jackson, Associate Provost for Communications
  • Sue James, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs
  • Kelly Long, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Affairs
  • Kristin Mravinec, Administrative Assistant, Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President
  • Julia Murphy, Associate Registrar
  • Ken Quintana, Emergency Manager
  • D. Tobiassen Baitinger, University Registrar