Colorado State University has a long-standing tradition of delivering high-quality academic programs. The operations of Institutional Research, Planning and Effectiveness support a culture of evidence-based documentation of high-quality and continuous improvement for each academic degree program and its respective department.

To accomplish this mission, the Institutional Research, Planning and Effectiveness operations:

    • Provide leadership to the campus regarding the establishment of specific student learning outcomes for each program.
    • Empower faculty to create assessment/evaluation plans that accurately reflect the values, culture, and curriculum unique to their program.
    • Provide resources and support for designing, implementing, and sustaining effective assessment/evaluation cycles.
    • Advocate for the use of assessment/evaluation findings in budgeting, strategic planning, and institutional learning.
    • Help to communicate findings to the campus community, including prospective students and other constituents, such as regional and specialized accrediting agencies, the CSU System Board of Governors, and the public.

The Institutional Research, Planning and Effectiveness processes are designed and managed to incorporate the expertise and support of the Office of Institutional Research (IR), The Institute for Learning and Teaching (TILT), and the Strategic Planning Area Review Committees (SPARCs).

If you have questions/comments please contact Vice Provost for Planning & Effectiveness Laura Jensen at (970) 491-6614 or email [email protected].