On March 7, 2023, the Office of the Provost launched free campuswide access to LinkedIn Learning, a robust online learning resource, for all CSU faculty, staff and students. Providing access to LinkedIn Learning campuswide is part of the Office of the Provost’s strong commitment to provide ongoing learning opportunities for faculty, staff and students to support professional development and student success.   

LinkedIn Learning Trainings


LinkedIn Learning: Use LinkedIn Learning to Engage with your Team

May 30   |   Noon – 2 p.m.

Lory Student Center Room 300

Managers or supervisors who would like to help their team increase skills and competencies will find a broad range of topics available to encourage individualized growth. Managers or supervisors who would like to help their team increase skills and competencies will find a broad range of topics available to encourage individualized growth. We will explore ways to create team learning experiences using Learning Courses, Learning Paths and Learning Collections.

Lunch will be provided.


LinkedIn Learning for Student & Faculty Success

Target audience: new and existing faculty. This presentation covers what LinkedIn Learning is; its benefits for teaching, learning, and student success; how to access your free account; and how to integrate this tool into your classes this fall. Recorded Aug. 8, 2023.

Watch the recording here

LinkedIn Learning Programs Through Bridge

LinkedIn Learning: Neurodiversity Learning Path

Four online courses for a total of ~two hours.

This self-paced Program allows learners to learn more about neurodiversity through your choice of several quick tips or a deeper dive into an entire course. Learning Objectives: Participants will gain a deeper understanding of neurodiversity and its potential impact on innovation and productivity, acquire practical tools and strategies for creating a more inclusive workplace, and hear firsthand experiences and success stories from neurodivergent individuals and advocates.

Why use LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning is an award-winning industry leader in online training, with a digital library of more than 18,000 courses covering a wide range of technical, business/professional and creative topics, and new courses are added every week

Instructors will be able to draw on LinkedIn Learning’s extensive database of courses, learning paths and individual videos to enrich their classes. LinkedIn Learning materials can be integrated directly into Canvas course pages to complement other course components as well as provide additional resources for students.  

In addition, LinkedIn Learning is a prime resource for professional development and learning new skills. LinkedIn Learning lets you learn at your own pace and view content relevant to your current role, interests and passions with courses in areas such as diversity and inclusion, financial literacy, social media, time management, drawing and music theory and much more. It allows learners to explore and cultivate key areas both at and outside of work or school. 

LinkedIn Learning benefits include: 

  • Short videos or full-length courses 
  • Audio-only lessons to enrich your commute 
  • Bookmarking courses to return to 
  • Custom learning paths to target goals 
  • Progress tracking in videos, courses and learning paths 
  • Certificates of course completion to add to your LinkedIn profile 
  • Integration with Canvas
  • Selective, curated course integration with Bridge
  • Downloadable learning when and where you want, whether through the app or a web browser  

If you’re new to LinkedIn Learning, this How to Use LinkedIn Learning course is a great place to start. Happy learning! 

Campus Communications

Campus-wide LinkedIn Learning supports student success, personalized learning

LinkedIn Learning promotes personal and professional staff development

Bringing LinkedIn Learning to CSU on a broad scale

Canvas Integration

LinkedIn Learning is available to be integrated into Canvas courses. 

If an instructor wishes to assign a LinkedIn Learning video or course as part of the overall content in a course module, we suggest embedding the LinkedIn Learning content in a Page in the relevant Module. A graded assignment, quiz, or discussion may then be appropriate to assess the content learned.

If a LinkedIn Learning video or course is an integral part of a graded assignment, it may be added as an external tool to the Assignment:

To direct students to LinkedIn Learning but not to a specific video, add LinkedIn Learning as a Module item.

Activation Instructions

Using your CSU credentials, log in & access your LinkedIn Learning account HERE. During your account registration, you’ll have the option to connect your LinkedIn profile (recommended). 

If you opt to bind your LinkedIn Learning account to your LinkedIn profile, your learner history and interests will allow LinkedIn Learning to recommend courses specifically tailored to you. Additionally, you can choose to add the courses you complete to your LinkedIn profile under the Licenses and Certifications section. If your accounts are linked and you leave CSU, losing access to CSU’s LinkedIn Learning, your learning history will be saved with your LinkedIn account.

Activation for learners with preexisting LinkedIn Learning accounts

If you have a LinkedIn Learning account through the Office of Engagement and Extension, you will need to bind your LinkedIn Learning account to your LinkedIn profile by the end of the Spring 2023 semester in order to save your learning history. Once you have done so, continue logging in to LinkedIn Learning as usual, and your account will be transferred to the CSU plan with all other OEE accounts. 

If you have a LinkedIn Learning account with a colostate.edu email address (not through OEE) and are currently logging in with your LinkedIn Learning password, starting March 7 you will be redirected to log in with your CSU NetID instead. If you log in with CSU NetID and find your LinkedIn Learning history is lost, you may have created a new account. Contact LinkedIn Learning support to associate your previous account with your NetID. If you have multiple accounts, ask LinkedIn Learning support to merge your accounts and LinkedIn Learning history, and include the email addresses you may have used for each account.

If you have a LinkedIn Learning account through a CSU entity but using a non-CSU email address, you will need to bind your LinkedIn Learning account to your LinkedIn profile by the end of the Spring 2023 semester in order to save your learning history. Then, you may either have your account transferred to the CSU plan, or you may request a change of your primary LinkedIn Learning email address and user ID. Please contact [email protected] for support with these options. 

Technical Support

Have questions? Start by checking out the How to Use LinkedIn Learning course or the Help Center 

If you need further assistance after viewing the course and contacting LinkedIn, email [email protected].